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Strontium Dog ANSI fan art

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Acorn Warez
- mostly software

Activist art and choonz
- (formerly the 'artbesassy' seperate archive - mix of 8-bit, 16-bit & PC)

art and musik of an activist nature

ANSI art
- created on the PC

misc art
- some 8- and 16-bit stuff (C64, Atari STe, etc.,) but mostly GIMP art (created on contemporary systems) and art that contains poetry

- various tunes created on various systems, latest album: SUMM0N ELEKTR0N1KA

misc. stuff
- that which doesn't fall into other categories/stuff released directly to the demoscene (archived at Demozoo).

This section includes the C64 disk-comic 'OXIDE TOWN'.

GOTO homepage

 embeds and displays the C64 Pro Mono font from