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Here are all the activist chiptunez; I call them binarywave, because of the strong influence of computerz. Most of these have been composed on the Atari STe or C64 then mixed in Audacity on the PC, with soundz added from other kit like the Akai Rythm Wolf sequencer, or crazy oscillator generators that I've built.

Many feature samples of sounds from the Acorn Electron which have been turned into instruments. Hope you enjoy!

For 'normal' muzak, head to this page

and for selected releases on free 3.5 inch floppy disk, goto this page.

confuzion art on C64

Here is the list of chiptunes created so far... left click the pix or text in the list below to listen, right click to save (choose "Save Link Target As..." or similar, from the right-click menu).

You can download any trax you want - they are all PD so share at will, alter, remix, whatever you want <3


Click an image to view the large cover art:

change cover
Accelerated Solidarity
join_us cover
LL2 cover
solidarityNET cover
PDR cover
TODAY cover
echoes EP cover
VORTEX ep cover
always remember SERENA SHIM cover
                    future's past is now
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Clips sampled or otherwise used in 'here_we_are': - "Hacktivist Jeremy Hammond sentenced to 10 years in prison", RT America, Published on 15 Nov 2013

'Guerilla Open Access Manifesto' by Aaron Swartz

¡No Pasarán!, 1936 speech by Dolores Ibárruri

excerpt from Serena Shims final broadcast, October 2014, Press TV.