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My name is Stuart 'the elk' Johns and you can contact me by email, if you like (;

Please get in touch if you would like to know any more about the stuff in this site, I will do my best to help! You can see my peertube channel on Diode.Zone here.


I've been releasing stuff on my todd for a few years (apart from some time with STatariART), as well as contributing to the Mistigris artpacks over the years.
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I'm in an industrial/electronic/activist band called DUST TRENCH... check us out if you can ;-)

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This picture (digitised using Image2BBC on my PC and then transferred across to the Electron using the UPURS suite) shows my lovely wife and I; without her patience and understanding I don't think my retro hobby would get much attention!

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I was given my Electron for Christmas, 1983, when I was nine years old. Here's a picture of my brother and my father helping me get to grips with it, that first day!

Vast amounts of time were spent playing games & typing in listings for programs from Electron User.

The Elk remained in the original setup throughout the 80's, with just a Radio Shack cassette deck and Commander 3 joystick interface, though there were many peripherals I had my eye on, Now, decades on, I have begun to build up the hardware collection, though some items are very hard to find!

I have fond memories of evenings spent playing Elite with my brother, Nigel Johns. He passed away in 2002 and I would like this website to be dedicated to him.

" ... and I did all day, oblivious to the real world around me. In two short days I had changed from an almost normal guy into a computer nerd and a text adventure addict!"