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20 REM For me, it began with the Acorn Electron, released on the 25th of August, 1983. The Electron is an 8-bit home computer produced by Acorn Computers Ltd., formerly of Cambridge, England.

30 REM This site is dedicated to the life & times of 06-ALA01-000618, right back to Christmas 1983 when it arrived to now, and all the changes in between! The journey continues with my C64, Atari STe and PC. You can grab my dabbles in games and artNsoundz from all these.

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my Elk










This site records the life and times of my puters and the ways in which they have grown over the years and the journey into art and music made with them.

The site has now also incorporated the ArtBeSassy activist art public domain archive.

Really proud to have my Electron appear as the cover to the single 'Where Is Matthew Smith?' from The Britsh IBM!

Check out this memorabila that is kicking about!

The retro-computing scene is a strong one, very much alive today. This is true for all 8- and 16-bit home computers and the Electron, being one of the first amongst these, is no exception. From these early machines through to the PCs of today the music and art out there is astounding. Check out the sites of groups like mistigris and PVM to see a real mix.
keep it retro,
the elk

"It was while leaving the branch of WH Smiths that something cream coloured and shiny caught my eye... I looked at this wonderful thing with the eyes of a child at Christmas. It was an Acorn Electron home computer, complete with three free boxed games...."
Pendragon embeds and displays the C64 Pro Mono font from