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You can choose from: ANSI, other digital art (GIMP, OCP, Degas, etc),

puter based MUSIC or other *vague* stuff.

pc art'n'soundz


pix (PabloDraw or Moebius) on PC) .ans format

right-click the image and 'Save link as...' etc, to download the ANSI file.... or right-click and 'View Image'/'Open Image in New Tab' to view the full-size PNG (unless the image has been included in an external release, in which case you can just left-click through to the artpack/release site)








Johnny Alpha from 2000AD

Mr Tumnus from Narnia

the return of obed marsh (MIST release)

the siklean is sick

Target: Armada (Deadline 2019 entry)

ratink halloween feast (MIST release)

'Target: Armada' (Shira from Star Wars lore) got 3rd out 10 at Deadline 2019 in the ANSI cat! You can view all the scene releases I've done over time at Demozoo.


pix (Kaliedoscope v4 on C64) mostly uppercase CG PETSCII .seq format

right-click the image and 'Save link as...' etc, to download the PETSCII seq file.... or right-click and 'View Image'/'Open Image in New Tab' to view the full-size PNG (unless the image has been included in an external release, in which case you can just left-click through to the artpack/release site)





petscii endures


Strontium Dog

Other digital arts

Saracen Paint (C64), Degas Elite (Atari STe), GIMP, Wacom pen, mouse, etc., also see the art be sassy archive.

Atari ST art inspired by Robert Smith

Atari ST art inspired by Robert Smith, red

Atari ST art inspired by Robert Smith v2



dr diablo and the rodent show

promo sticker design for 1982

raaaaatyyyyyyyyyyy wallpaper


ratty of the boneyard

the zombierella wallpaper

at the apocalypa-bop

time no time cover art

Orbiting Orion 9 cover art

no more feeling

visions of yestersdays tomorrow cover art

intro screen from the EFA disk mags, drawn in DE on STe

visions of yestersdays tomorrow alt cover art

the old lander

become one

killer rabbit claws

killer fan art for tee

fan art drawn on the PC for Killer Rabbit

fan art drawn on the STe for Killer Rabbit

killer rabbit wordz

fan art drawn on the PC for Killer Rabbit

fan art drawn on the PC for Killer Rabbit

killer rabbit

Killer Rabbit

Killer Rabbit

Killer Rabbit wall

an ode to the witches

Killer Rabbit foggy wall

Alyx fanart

WoL fanart

WoL fan art for their new single

unknown0entity fan art

a pic WoL put on Instagram that I digitised on the ST then printed on the dot-matrix

the witchfinder

down the rabbit hole

Alyx Magyk fanart

Alyx Magyk fanart dark

to Wonderland

Atari ST fan art of Killer Rabbit for Join the Coven

holy halo

forest rabbit fan art

Alyx Magyk fan art

Alyx Magyk C64 fan art

Alyx Magyk C64 fan art

C64 dark art

future dusk tv

decayed halo

La Nuit Noir

La Nuit Noir (no fog)

Autumn is here Atari original

Autumn is here GIMP variant 1

Autumn is here GIMP variant 2

EAP for Luis


EAP Spirits clip

sleep of the dead

the sickening decay

hidden depths

the Soul Eater

Salem to the witches

Atari ST Jack fan art

Carl McCoy fanart

John Lennon fanart drawn on the Atari STe

Jake Feathers


WoL fanart


Toad of Toad Hall

the shroud



pray for morning

little chick

Steampunky variant


beautiful stranger



rockin rumble

the tradgedy of Cleopatra

Sol fanart

what is the cost?

Alehouse pink

Ecstacy and Agony


Cosmos Calling Colours

Sheridan Le Fanu

Cosmos Calling

Peter Cushing fan art

Now, in approximately one hour, when the narcosis wears off... we shall see. (Baron Victor Frankenstein, 'Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell', 1974)

goth crow

on the way to Headley

Scooby Doo fan art!

where were you?

love under will

love under will

love under will

clowns neo-tokyo



A request for fan art of Necron 99 (Peace) from the 1977 film 'Wizards'.


Taza (Mayans MC) fan art

across the universe

new dawn


Atari ST nomad

pirate moon

some dayz

f8 cover

pirate moon

dead but dreaming C64 art

promo art for SUMM0N ELEKTR0N1KA

more promo art for SUMM0N ELEKTR0N1KA

scoob and shaggy C64 art



flight by moonlight

Trobar Clus fan art

Trobar Clus fan art


the Space Queen is here

he opened a door to another dimension

the Witches (Witch Moon) drawn on C64

the dark door

SPACE:1999 fan art

Kurt Cobain died on the 5th of April, 1994 and was discovered three days later, on the 8th. I still can't really believe it, just as I couldn't back then when I was a mere 20 years old... the world is poorer without him. Rest in Power, Kurt.

Floyd observed my hairy chin

all bitz

the eternal deep ones

Cobra fuel scooping

the eternal deep ones

promo sticker

Paramo Bonzai fan art

promo sticker

Paramo Bonzai fan art drawn on the STe and coloured on PC

something wicked this way comes

Paramo Bonzai fan art

ages of aeon

psycwomp drawn on the STe

k1ll3r the assaultron servitron fallout 4

happy birthday Dave Brock, 2020!

happy birthday Dave Brock, 2020!

happy birthday Dave Brock, 2020!



night time

the king of nynex

The image of Killer Rabbit in the foggy wallpaper and the poetry piece above was chopped from a photo i found on Instagram by alyx.magyk, which i then cropped out and generally messed with in GIMP xx The two hex skull pieces feature lyrics from the Witches of London song 'La Nuit Noir' which of course remain their property.

The second portrait of Edgar Allan Poe features an extract from his work 'Spirits of the Dead'.

Other pictures feature poetry by myself, which I naturally enter into the public domain here.

If you use any of the fan-art, please mention somewhere the bands/individual pictured.


(Audacity, Milky Tracker, YM2149, Tone Generator, Akai Wolf, etc., etc.)

Remember there are loads more musiks (of the more activisty flavour)
on here in the artbesassy archive
and for selected releases on free 3.5 inch floppy disk, goto this page.
You can also listen to stuff on the EFA Spreaker channel or on the show's mirror on Spotify.

ALBUMS: So far there have been two LP's and one EP released, alongside all the loose trax that you find further down the page.


UNPLUG - 2016 to 2019



Deeper into Space

Deeper into Space

loose-trax! left-click an image below to play the track (right-click to download)....

1 - Haunted House ogg

1 - Haunted House (VORTEX)

2 - Run Ruin Run ogg

2 - Run Ruin Run (VORTEX)

3 - Alien Integration ogg

3 - Alien Integration (VORTEX)

4 - INTROZ ogg


1 - beginnings ogg

1 - beginnings (Echoes EP)

2 - Lauri Love ogg

2 - Lauri Love (Echoes EP)

3 - Mythos ogg

3 - Mythos (Echoes EP)

4 - 6502 Public Domain

4 - 6502 Public Domain (Echoes EP)

5 -
                  Peoples Radio United ogg

5 - Peoples Radio United (Echoes EP)

6 - Orbit 93 ogg

6 - Orbit 93 (Echoes EP)

Public Domain


Public Domain

Public Domain

Depths ogg

(the Psychedelic) Depths

Loves Living Death

Loves Living Death

Orion mp3


Absolution mp3

Absolution (2020 Loves Living Death Remix)

Jake Feathers ogg

Jake Feathers (1853 - 1918)

Seven Stairs descend
from Seven Floors
tied forever to
the Seven Doors

Unbound ogg


to the Clown Gang
from the film AKIRA

Clown Gang of Neo-Tokyo mp3

Clown Gang of Neo-Tokyo

an electrogoth song in the 8-bit style featuring samples from 'City of the Dead'
Witchcraft mp3


F8 - music created on C64 in Cybertracker, vocals from C64 speech synthesis (SAM)
F8 mp3


Dead but Dreaming (created in SID-Wizard on my C64)
DBD converted from SID to mp3

Dead but Dreaming converted from SID to mp3

soundtrack to ishuu ONE of OXIDE TOWN (created in SID-Wizard on my C64)
OT1 converted from SID to mp3

OT1 converted from SID to mp3

SUMM0N ELEKTR0N1KA a musical story created entirely on the C64 --->



<--- also available for free from my bandcamp page.
SKULLTRA: NIGHT OF THE UNQUIET DEAD - music composed in SID-WIZARD on the C64, samples from 'House on Haunted Hill' added whilst mixing down on PC.


witness the arrival of the SPACE-QUEEN! see the picture earlier on this page for full artwork and accompanying story.


the wizard returns home! a doom-metal inspired C64 track
the wizard on his way home

the wizard returns home

The Sorcerer's Tower! a doomy darkchip C64 track
the wizard must die

The Sorcerer's Tower

BUT YOU CAN'T FACE TO DEFACE - A grungechip trak, vokalz - SAM (C64), drumz/basse/lead - SID_WIZARD (C64)
mixing/effects - Audacity (PC)



SPACE EXPLORER - a spacerock tune with Nine of Swords 'Twin Earth' fuzz on a Bryce SG guitar and 'Time/Delay' echo on the Wasp and Akai Rhythm Wolf
C^$ SAM Speech and elk on vocals
mixing/effects - Audacity (PC)

space explorer

space explorer

download the extras for Space Explorer
(alt cover, intro sheet and cassette cover)
Droid Exclusion - another spacerock tune with Nine of Swords 'Twin Earth' fuzz on a Bryce SG guitar and 'Time/Delay' echo on the Wasp and Akai Rhythm Wolf,
C64 SAM Speech on vocals
mixing/effects - Audacity (PC)

droid exclusion

droid exclusion

Cosmic Love Song
delving into the truly experimental



Deeper into Space
title track from the 2020 album.
Download a zip containing the trak and creditz fr this choon.

deeper into space

Deeper into Space

Electronic Star-Sleep
Dreams of Space in this tune that features samples from the Electron and ST as well as the 1959 film 'Plan 9 from Outer Space.

electronic star sleep

Electronic Star-Sleep

once we are in Space, time-travel is possible



you can have your cake and eat it



march of degradation

march of degradation

march of degradation

System of a Baud
we use an accoustic coupler

System of a Baud

System of a Baud

a chillout journey through time and space



Mars Traance
a Space Trance Trip composed on the Atari/Electrog featuring clips from 'The Sky at Night' Oct, 1963

Mars Traance

Mars Traance

FOR... NEXT.. loop
a funkee trak composed on the Electrog (featuring lyrix read out from 'The Electron User Guide' (Acorn Computers Ltd, 1983))

FOR... NEXT.. loop

FOR... NEXT.. loop

Evolution of Elk
Celebrating 2020 in the EFA Archive!

Evolution of Elk

Evolution of Elk

The Witches
The Witches are coming to save you

The Witches

The Witches

Home Computers
a psychedelic celebration of vintage computing in the 70s and 80s


Home Computers

Annette Hanshaw Akai S2000 samples mixed into a track on the Atari ST



an industrial track with core samples of household objects being struck in true 'Depeche Mode' style



Cosmos Calling
a dark gothic industrial improv track

Cosmos Calling

Cosmos Calling

The 'public_domain' track was done as an entry to Flashparty, 2019. It was created in Audacity on the PC with sounds from an Atari STe, a sequencer, and a tone generator. The tune is dedicated to the memory of Aaron Swartz (1986-2013) and is inspired by his powerful 'Guerilla Open Access Manifesto'.

(Sample Credits: excerpt from interview with the late Aaron Swartz, excerpt from 'Guerilla Open Access Manifesto' by Aaron Swartz, binaryazized with Atari ST Speech Synthesizer)

drum and bass sequencing with Akai Rythm Wolf, squeel tones generated with Atari Punk Console tone generator, harmonix produced with MIDI connected keyboard in Near Synthesizer Quality (1986, Antic) on Atari STe. Sounds mixed through RAKIMIX 5 Channel mixer into Audacity on PC for mixing and rendering into mp3.

Cover artwork drawn on an Acorn Electron in AMX Art, then transferred to the PC for sprucing up in GIMP.


The following choonz were created by the project known as
'the Incredible Circus of Professor Pobodie and the Junkie Numbskull'!

Nightmare Zone (cover) mp3

Nightmare Zone (cover version, 2019)
(Original Song 'Nightmare Zone' Written by Wade/Wade, Copyright Alien Sex Fiend, 1988)
Our cover version credits: Guitars - Junkie Numbskull / Vocals, Beatz, Atari STe Soundz, mixing (Audacity) - the elk
Film samples from 'Dead Men Walk' (1943, Sam Newfield/Producers Releasing Corporation)

other stuff

(diskmagz, useful, bored, etc., etc.)

the EFA diskmagz - email for ur free floppy disk

EFA main menu, ISS 4 (Oct'20 onwards)

EFA diskmag ISSUE 1 (Atari ST/E) NOV 2019

EFA diskmag ISSUE 2 (Atari ST/E) AUG 2020

EFA diskmag ISSUE 2 (C64 variant, now defunkt)

EFA diskmag ISSUE 3 (Atari ST/E) SEP 2020 - evolving - Improved structure+coding, more pix+letterz!

DEAD BUT DREAMING - chipchoon & pix dreamer.d64 (C64) - zipped up with tag file

witness the arrival of the SPACE-QUEEN - chipchoon & pix space_queen.d64 (C64) - zipped up with original art and a tag file

Screen Memory Map PDF (C64)

Colour Memory Map PDF (C64)

OXIDE TOWN - a self contained C64 disk-comic with art n muzak


ishuu ONE - CHIP PARTEE! (listen to soundtrack for ishuu1)

Assorted collection of SIDz created on the C64 in SID-WIZARD
(incomplete lucky dip of my C64 songz) ZIPPED up and cozy!

wake up gif

Releases archived (slideshows, collaborations, etc., etc.) over at Demozoo

and some of my C64 stuff at CSDb

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the depths are unexplored.
the depths contain hidden wisdom.. hidden danger that will never be realised.
suddenly, the depths will begin to give up their bounty and none will be there to receive the dividends that are revealed.
humanity will never fully appreciate the scale of the width of the depths;
the scale of their heights;
the scale of the exponential curves of the chasms which can never hope to contain
the quiet truths that leak out and float to the surface of the great ocean.
that expanse which can never be measured, can never be replaced, never be synthesised or manufactured.
the deep prepares to reveal the expanse of the dark form which writhes and ever flows,
containing all the knowledge of those hidden.
the eternal deep.